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Positive - open - easy to access girl

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Hello gentlemen! WeChat: lu2987141243 LINE;jolin578
I know interesting people. My name is Anne, a young and interesting Asian girl.
Sexy. Enthusiasm will play, I will allow you to suck your big JB and give you a full body massage.
time is money! I am as happy as your time. Publishing fake photos is not my style.
My height (162 cm), weight (44.7 kg), my age (22 years old) and other information is also 100% true!
I recommend caution and personal meetings. I am very active, open and accessible. I answer the phone myself.
If I have not responded to you, please call me later or send me a text message.
I am open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I really appreciate being on time and decent. I respect you, and I also ask you to respect me! I know my values and can't modify my requirements down.
PS: I don't have money at home.

Location: Belgium

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jolin578 ,phone icon +18155526657

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Positive - open - easy to access girl