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Taichung Escort Hotel

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As an escort, you can do it at your private home/hotel or
The hotel arranges high quality girls (only come to the door).

There are all kinds of girls. Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, Russian girls provide advanced escort services.

These girls are basically divided into several price lists.

Class A girls are 4000NTD~5000NTD (about 140USD~165USD) group, and the service time is 40~50 minutes.
The age is 25 to 30 years old. They are mainly OL (office lady), housewives, department stores selling girls, etc...
Class A girls are 6000 NTD~8000NTD (about 200USD~265USD) group, and the service time is 50 minutes.
The age is 21 to 25 years old. Mainly student girls, babes, company secretaries, etc...
Class A girls are in the group of 9000~15000NTD (about 300USD~500USD), and 60 minutes is a service area.
Age 18 to 23 years old. Mainly show girls, cover girls, airline hostesses, dancers, Japanese and Korean girls, etc...

The top girls are 16000~30000NTD (about 530USD~1000USD) group, 60 minutes.
Mainly models, TV actresses, etc...

If a service part is not enough for you, you can ask for two service parts. The total price is only doubled.

Opening hours: 14:00 - 03:00 pm..
Girls services: bath, mouth, sex, massage, kiss
Service area: Taipei * Hsinchu * Taichung * Kaohsiung * Taoyuan * Tainan * Central.. Chiayi. Pingtung

All of our telephone girls are carefully selected by us. So contact me now and enjoy the pure spectacle.

When the girl appears at your door, if you like her, pay her, she will start serving.
If you don't like it, refuse her and don't need any fees.

Location: Hong Kong, China

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Taichung Escort Hotel
Taichung Escort HotelTaichung Escort Hotel